What We Do

What We Do

Lottie’s Little Treasures designs and hand makes an assortment of items using a variety of crafting techniques. We sell items through craft fairs, personal orders, Facebook, this website and via Etsy. Most items can be customised to an individual’s specification and wherever possible we will always endeavour to meet your requirements. We especially like items that are practical and useful but that can be made beautiful be using a variety of fabric designs and crafting techniques.
We offer a variety of services and if you want something but don’t see it on this site please feel free to contact us. There is lots we can do that we haven’t managed to put on the site yet and we are always willing to discuss your needs and meet them wherever possible.

Lottie’s Signature Range

Textile art applied to a variety of items from jewellery, purses and bags to canvases and framed pictures as well as prints and cards of the original.
Each piece is a unique individual one off piece exclusive to Lotties that uses a variety of techniques and embellishments.

The Adventures of Lottie Doll

Lottie Doll lives in a village called Thimbleton, in the county of Haberdashire with her Sausage Dog named Stitch.
Lottie’s adventures can be found depicted in some of our original artworks from the Lottie’s Signature Range (also available as prints and cards) and Lottie Doll herself can usually be found sat in amongst the stock at events supervising the stall itself.
A saleable version of the original Lottie Doll is currently being prepared for safety testing…. so watch this space for updates as to when you can have your own Lottie Doll.

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