The Adventures of Lottie Doll

The Adventures of Lottie Doll

Lottie Doll lives in a village called Thimbleton, in the county of Haberdashire with her Sausage Dog named Stitch. The Adventures of Lottie Doll are her escapades are depicted throughout the Lottie range.

Lottie Doll Fact File

Name – Lottie Doll

Birthday – 16th April

Occupation – Seamstress, artist, designer maker

Hobbies and interests – reading, country walks, baking,

Likes – Jane Austen, period dramas, cake

Dislikes – zombie films, wrestling,

Favourite Food – Roast Christmas dinner, apple crumble, Chinese

Favourite Colour – pink and yellow

Lottie’s adventures can be found depicted in some of our original artworks from the Lottie’s Signature Range (also available as prints and cards) and Lottie Doll herself can usually be found sat in amongst the stock at events supervising the stall itself.

A saleable version of the original Lottie Doll is currently being prepared for safety testing…. so watch this space for updates as to when you can have your own Lottie Doll.

The Adventures of Lottie Doll