Summer Holidays

So today is the first day of the school summer holidays, and marks change for the little people of Lottie’s HQ.  My eldest little man has just finished Junior school ready for high school in September, my middle little man remains at Junior school whilst our smallest little person Liliana has just finished her last preschool session yesterday and starts big girl school as she calls it in September.

I am pleased to say they are all very excited about the changes even if Mummy is finding it slightly harder to get used to.  Liliana not so much she is more than ready for it and would have been fine starting last September, she is a September baby meaning she has gone a year later than some of her friends, My eldest and the one who is most like me creatively and in moods at times is off to high school and certainly ready to be pushed a bit more and possibly have his attitude brought down a peg or to bless him.  this is the one I am finding harder to deal with how grown up and independent he is, and I keep waiting for him to need help or need me yet he’s taken to his new found independence, biking to school by himself, having his own phone and going out to meet his friends.

I am lucky he is the most sensible out of my two boys, Alfie is usually in a world of his own, although today has caused some minor battles and negotiating with them, with Josiah off to meet his friends and Alfie wanting to be more independent not understanding why he has to wait til he’s a little older like Josiah did, plus Liliana being so stubborn and independent she struggles to pay attention when explaining she needs to hold your hand by a busy road because according to her she knows what she’s doing, wow her teenage years are going to be fun.

Today I have been planning ahead and getting ready for Sandringham Flower Show next week on the 27th July which we’re all looking forward to.  I am really looking forward to introducing the prints and cards of the Thimbleton Village map where Lottie Doll lives and can’t wait to share the coming plans for her with you all soon as we go along,

IMG_1461  12924463_1059863380722767_5968701989466852104_n

today I have been working some more character illustrations


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