Lottie’s Signature Range

Lottie’s Signature Range

What is it?

Lottie’s Signature Range is textile art applied to a variety of items from jewellery, purses and bags to canvases and framed pictures as well as prints and cards of the original.

Each piece is a unique individual one off piece exclusive to Lotties that uses a variety of techniques and embellishments.

Most pieces involve free motion machine embroidery, along with other techniques to enhance the final piece. These include applique, hand embroidery, needle felting, beading, buttons and stamping among others. I am always looking to expand these skills and add something new to my work.


Why Signature?

All designs are based on something that has inspired me, maybe and image, view, item, group of colours, scrap of fabric… Pretty much anything that catches my eye really.

For me Signature is not only a piece based on personal inspiration but also my personality as a crafter. I love trying a wide range of crafts and learning new skills, often having lots of projects on the go for me to pick up depending on where the mood takes me.

So this range is my passion and craft signature in each and every piece.


All the original art pieces are always photographed and turned into prints and cards.  It is impossible to create the same piece twice even with the same fabrics due to the nature of the techniques used so once an original is sold it is gone.  We can recreate the same picture although we always ensure we never use the same fabrics twice to help maintain the uniqueness of the original.  Generally all our pieces are made based on an idea or inspiration of our own however should you have a particular picture, image or idea you would like to see we are happy to discuss a bespoke commissioned piece with yourselves.

Lottie's Signature Range