About Lottie’s Little Treasures

My name is Charlotte and I am a self confessed craftaholic. Crafting has been my addiction since childhood and began with a set of draws in my mum’s kitchen that contained all kinds of bits and pieces to make things with. Now I am a wife and a mother who continues to craft and share that childhood love with my own little crafters. I am never happier then when I am at home crafting, creating and baking with my family, my little world

Lottie’s Little Treasures was brought to life through this passion and obsession with crafting. I have found that the joy of crafting is an infectious one. From the sense of achieving, to the appreciation in others when they see my work, giving someone a hand crafted gift of my own making gives me a real sense of satisfaction. Knowing that they are going to treasure it and love it as much as I have enjoyed making it is priceless and that’s a feeling I will never tire of.
The aim of Lottie’s Little Treasures is to enable others to know the joy that crafting can bring. Either by attending a workshop to learn a new craft of skill or by purchasing a bespoke unique handcrafted gift for a friend or loved one. Lottie’s Little Treasures endeavours to connect with as many people as possible in one crafty way or another.
Crafters old and new we welcome you to the crafting world of Lottie.
Many thanks and happy crafting
Love Lottie xx